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Public Entity Defense

Since our establishment in 1992, the law firm of Jones and Dyer has represented California public entities and government agencies. The firm represents the State of California and state counties, municipalities, community college districts, high school and elementary school districts, and many other public institutions and employees. Our knowledge has been trusted to protect these public entities in a wide range of legal matters.

Our attorneys offer counsel to public entities and public entity insurers to assist in risk management. We can offer suggestions to proactively prevent liability and reduce potential exposure.

We can assist with the investigation of potential claims in an effort to bring disputes to an effective and efficient resolution. Our lawyers can represent you in disputes involving any public employee, including teachers, police officers, fire fighters, athletic coaches, and more.

Our lawyers represent school districts and school employees in California on issues covered by insurance, such as personal injury or employment issues, as well as direct assistance to school districts and governing boards on a wide variety of education-related issues.

Whether a municipal body is involved in a lawsuit involving a slip-and-fall injury on a sidewalk, a local firefighter is accused of injuring someone in a rescue attempt, or any other liability matter, we can help.

Our comprehensive experience in matters of public entity defense includes:

Sexual Harassment

Successfully defended various public entity defendants against claims of sexual harassment and gender discrimination, including numerous trials on those claims.

First Amendment
Successfully defended several public entities in claims of alleged violation of First Amendment claims involving statements to grand juries and the public in general.

Correction Facility Defense
Successfully defended public entities in both state and federal lawsuits involving alleged dangerous conditions of jail facilities, allegations of improper treatment and/or medical care and related alleged civil rights violations of incarcerated individuals.

Peace Officer Defense
When police officers have an administrative problem or are charged with a federal civil rights violation, they know they can depend on the law enforcement defense attorneys at Jones and Dyer. As a law enforcement officer, you have to make life-and-death decisions quickly. When those decisions are questioned, you have the right to have a lawyer represent you. You know the importance of assuring your rights are protected.

At Jones and Dyer, we have attorneys with law enforcement backgrounds. We have successfully represented peace officers and public entities in over 100 cases involving alleged civil rights violations, including false arrest, excessive force, wrongful detention under Welfare and Institutions Code section 5150, assault, battery and alleged sexual misconduct. If you are facing an administrative investigation by internal affairs or if you are being investigated for a federal civil rights claim, you need and deserve representation by an attorney who will protect your rights throughout the investigation and any hearings or trials that may result.

Environmental Claims
Successfully defended public entities with respect to state and federal lawsuits involving the clean water act, the regional water quality control board and the Coastal Commission.

Americans with Disabilities’ Act (ADA)
Successfully defended various public entities against claims of disability discrimination, Family Medical Leave Act violations, alleged failure to accommodate and accessability to public facilities.

Civil Rights Defense
At Jones and Dyer, we provide public employees and public officials, including police officers and other public safety officers with defense representation against charges of discrimination and violations of civil rights. Our attorneys have extensive experience in California's and Nevada's federal trial and appellate courts and have successfully defended claims agaisnt their clients on numerous occasions, in cases including those involving charges of discrimination, false arrest and use of excessive force.

Jones and Dyer serves insurance providers and insured parties, including municipalities, town officials, police officers, educators, unions and the State of California. Our attorneys also represent police officers and other public employees independently.

School District Defense
At our Sacramento law firm, we use our litigation skills to defend public and private educational organizations charged with violating education laws. In addition, we help our clients prevent litigation by advising them on practices and procedures that comply with state and federal regulations. Our trial experience and our knowledge of school law help clients in the courtroom and the conference room.

Our Clients

We defend teachers, administrators, educational institutions, school districts, school contractors, school boards, and other individuals and entities involved in public or private education. We have represented many California school systems.

Our Approach to Education Law Issues

Hiring a school attorney is an important decision for a school district. We use our many years of experience in this field to help clients reduce their risk of litigation and claims. We report regularly to clients about changes in education law and about recent decisions in state and federal courts. We keep districts informed about the probable outcome of a case involving matters such as student injuries, employment discrimination, or free speech issues. Our education law work is rooted in our commitment to high quality service, our extensive knowledge of education law, and our long-standing relationships with our clients and the communities they serve.

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